Sunday, August 24, 2014

Twice the Fun-Part 19

Ariana H. King

"Do you know how worried all of us where?!" Mom face looked more stern than I ever saw it before. Even when Tyler had sneaked out that one time to go to his friends house when he was 10 after dinner. The only reason that anybody noticed was because it was his turn to clear the table. Janie had gone up to his bedroom upstairs and knocked. When she came back down and explained that Tyler wasn't there, we started looking. I was only six at the time. Mom's face wasn't even close to stern when that had happened. She didn't trust Tyler by himself. She knew that he hadn't gotten kidnapped. But now was different. She trusted me. I couldn't say the same for Roar, but she trusted me. I wouldn't just not come home, I was responsible. Until now, I thought. Now she'll never trust me again.
 "We're sorry, Mom." I said.
 "Where were you?" she snapped.
 "We-" I started to say the first thing that popped into my head-the truth.
 "We decided to walk back home." Roar interrupted, apparently not trusting me to not say something stupid. Well that's two people who don't trust me anymore...Well, to be honest, Roar never trusted me to begin with. So really only one person still.
 "It took you two hours to walk 3 miles?" Mom definitely was doubtful. 
 "Well yeah." Roar said like it was obvious. "Some of the other kids from school came with us and they talked and talked and talked. They wanted to stop on the way at Burger King, so we stopped there. Air didn't buy anything, but I bought an ice cream cone. Then one of the kids started to throw up, so we had to call his mom, and wait with him until she got there. When she finally got there, it was, um...About 4:20. We finished all of our food and left. Then, we walked and talked again. Lots of kids stopped when they reached there houses and took like, 5 minutes to say bye. So all that time adds up, you know?"
 She came up with all of that in one minute? Wow, talk about quick thinking and imagination. I thought.
 "Why didn't one of you call?" Mom's anger had definitely disappeared. Now she sounded calm and put together. Her stern expression was now replaced by a hurt one. I felt really bad. I knew she was disappointed in me. She didn't even have to say it. I knew.
 "Air's phone is dead, and I didn't bring mine to school today. I didn't even think to borrow somebody else's!" Lie after lie. I didn't know how much longer I could take it. The lies were pushing me into the water, trying to drown me. They wanted me to cry out, so then water would fill my lungs, and I would drowned. 
 "Oh. Well, I have to go call your father at work and tell him you two are alright."
 "Okay. What are we having for dinner? I'm starving!" Roar smiled.
 "We already ate." Mom said.
 Roar's smile turned into a frown. "Without us?"
 "Honey, we didn't even know if you were coming back home."

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