Friday, September 12, 2014

Home Sick...

 Hey guys! School is really crazy these past two weeks, with homework and sleepiness, so that is why I am barely posting. There is just no time to get on the computer! I hope you guys understand! :) Anyway, most of you guys are trying to keep up with the same thing!
 Today I felt so horrible, because I had to skip school! Ugh! I would tell you the whole story, but maybe a different day...
 But anyway, the reason I feel horrible isn't only because I'm sick, but because I'll have to do extra homework on Monday! :( And I'll have no idea what the teachers are talking about! Serious dilemma here! So long story short-I stayed home and read basically the WHOLE DAY! How awesome is that?! The only upside to this whole thing! I finished The Mark of Athena. If you are wondering what that series is, comment! Don't be shy! Anyway, tired, so tired. Going to bed now...See ya!

Loving Him more everyday...

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  1. Hi! I know that I haven't done much that has to do with blogs but I recently posted so Yay!!! So could you go to my blog and read my new posts? Also I love Percy Jackson too but I have only read books 1-3 so yeah. Bye!!!

    p.s. WBS


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