Saturday, September 6, 2014

My First Day of School!

 Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted all week...been busy with school! It started on Tuesday...So anyway! This was my day (as I can remember it):

Bus: We stopped like 20 times! And there was way more people than there should be on that bus! Capacity is only 71, but there is definitely more peeps than that! There was at least 3 people in each seat. Most seats contained 4 people, but some even had 5! There was not empty seats, that's for sure! The bus ride took a hour.
1st hour-Math: It was okay. We went to the media center and checked out Math books. We did a Pre-Test.
2nd hour-Language Arts: You know what? I honestly don't remember! Sorry guys... :(
3rd hour-Band: It was really noisy! You have to scream in there to make anyone hear you...We took a test and I got 32/32 right! I was the only one who got all of the answers right!
4th hour-Social Studies: You know what, I'm not going to describe the rest of my day, because this is really hard!
 So anyway, I had an awesome day! When did you start school? How was your first day of school? What is your favorite subject? Do you take Band? What do you play?

Answer all of these questions in the comment section below!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loving Him more everyday...


  1. 5 peeps in a seat?!?!?!?!?! That's HORRIBLE! I'm pretty sure in PA that is illegal. :P I feel bad for ya...Ooh! Good job in band, dear girl. :)
    When did you start school? August 21st.
    How was your first day of school? AWESOME! :)
    What is your favorite subject? Social Studies, probably. Or lunch. ;)
    Do you take Band? Nope.
    What do you play? Nuffin.

    Are you joining any clubs? I'm joining computer club and maybe Student Council. :) My Middle School has a lot of that sort of thing.

    Glad your first day was awesome!

  2. I'm glad your first day was awesome!


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