Saturday, September 20, 2014

Twice the Fun - Part 20

 Aurora King

The next day, my legs were really sore. And I was starting to forget why. Every minute, I would ask myself, What did we do yesterday? The only reason I even remembered the answer was because I still had that feeling of a twisted stomach. I really hated myself for lying to Mom, but obviously we couldn't tell the truth. Oh yeah, Mom. We weren't in this world yesterday! We were in a place called Bernabe. Giggle giggle!
 Yeah, not happening. She'd think we are insane, and believe me, I am completely sane! (I couldn't ever say the same about Air though.) So my stomach remained twisted up.
 I jumped out of bed and was not at all ready for the day. 
Our family is going to be broken badly because of us. I thought, and for the first time since 5th grade, I cried. Nothing is ever going to be the same.
I plopped back on my bed and grabbed the nearest pillow. I buried my face into it to muffle my sounds. If my family found out I was crying, they'd never stop bugging me.
After what seemed like 20 minutes, I looked in the mirror hanging on the wall and examined my face. It was red and blotchy, and I had a headache. No way was I going out there like that. So I cleaned my room, got dressed, and put my short hair up in a ponytail. By the time that was all done, I still had the headache, but I no longer saw any signs that I had been crying. I opened the door of my bedroom and almost got punched in the face.
 Air was standing there and had her fist in the air to knock on my door. When I opened the door, she just about punched my face off. But I quickly ducked and she missed.
"Sorry. I was just coming in to ask you if you were going to come down for breakfast. Nothing special, just cereal." Air explained.
"Yeah, I was just coming down." I said.
 Air started to turn around, but I grabbed her arm-a little too hard. She yelped when my nails dug in to her skin.
"Sorry! I didn't mean for it to hurt!" I apologize. "But could you come in my room for a minute?"
She looked at me, like she was trying to read my expression. Then she seamed to give me a "Twin Look". Do you think that will be safe enough?
I nodded. She followed me into my bedroom, then she shut the door behind her, blocking out any sounds.
 "I cried." I said. For some reason, I trusted her with this information. Yesterday, I never would have admitted that.
She didn't look surprised. "I did too." She walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my body. I hugged her back. And then, we both cried together.

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