Friday, October 11, 2013

Babysitter: Chelsea Trust PART 1

"Dear Jada,
 I wish you were still here. I've missed your company. Bridget misses you too. I hope you can come to my house soon. Maybe you can ask your mom and dad if you guys can spend Easter with us up here. You could even stay at my house! My parents won't mind.
Guess what! My mom said I'm finally old enough to start babysitting myself. Cha-ching! Money will be coming like crazy! Maybe if I get enough money you and I could go shopping at the mall! I'd pay for both of us of 'course. It would be so fun! 
The Alquists said they need a babysitter, so I'm going to start on Thursday. Wish me luck!      Until then,
                            ~Chelsea Trust~

"There!" said Chelsea Lillian Trust as she admired her letter for her best friend.
Jada Duss, Chelsea's best friend, had moved away a month ago tho Denver, Colorado. Ever since then, the two girls have been calling every week at least once and have been writing letters. According to Chelsea, it was about a year ago since Jada moved. They both missed each other a lot!
"Chelsea, I really don't know why you talk to Jada so much!" said Chelsea's older sixteen year old sister, Skylar.
"Bridget and I really miss her. If your best friend Debra Kister moved away you would do the same thing." said the eleven year old Chelsea.
Skylar just rolled her eyes. Sometimes little sisters were a pain.
"What are you girls fighting about now?" asked Mom (also know as Amelia Eden Trust).
"Skylar's making fun of me." said Chelsea. 
"Honestly..." Mom let out a puff of air.
Just then, Mason, the 18 year old, walked into the kitchen.
"Hey, guys." said Mason as he gave a little half wave.
He'd been out running, that's for sure. His face was red and sweaty. And that smell! Stinky!
"Hello Mason." said Mom not noticing her son's body odor."Running again?"
"Yep! I'm going to have a snack, jump in the shower, and then go to the game with Conrad." replied Mason as he opened the fridge.
"The game?" questioned Mom looking up from the cook book she was reading.
"The football game against West Wood and Iron Mountain." explained Mason Levi Trust.
"Oh... What time will you be home?" asked Mom.
"Around six. We are having dinner out. Why?" asked Mason.
"Just wondering... Just make sure you call me if you'll be later than six, okay?"
Mason nodded. Then, just as quickly as he came in, he went out.
"Chelsea? Will you go call Alisha to the kitchen? She's going to help me make dinner." said Mom.
"Sure." said Chelsea as she got up from the table.
"Thank you, Chelsea. By the way, does anyone know where James is?"
James and Skylar were twins. Double trouble dad always said.
"I think Nathan and James are in James and Mason's bedroom." offered Skylar.
Mom just nodded. She never told any of her children why she needed to know, so they never asked to save time.
Chelsea went out to find Alisha. She thought first she better check her and Alisha's bedroom.
Sure enough, Alisha was at their desk that they shared.
"Alisha, Mom said you were going to help her make dinner tonight." said Chelsea as she approached. 
"Do you know what we're having?" asked the ten year old Alisha.
"Nope, not a clue..."
"Okay, tell Mom I'll be there in a sec." replied Alisha.
" 'Kay." said Chelsea as she walked away.
But, before she did, she saw what Alisha was drawing. Chelsea couldn't believe her eyes! Alisha was a born-to-be drawer! She was drawing her self-portrait and it looked like it was a real picture! And if Chelsea hadn't seen Alisha coloring in the lips, she would have thought it was a real picture! She had never seen such drawing. Chelsea just had to tell Mom. 
Once Chelsea got to the kitchen, she caught Mom's attention.
"Mom, Alisha said that she would be here in a second. You wanna know what she was doing?" asked Chelsea excitedly.
"What?" asked Mom uninterested.
"She was drawing her self-portrait!"
"Oh, really?" asked Mom.
"Yeah, and it looked like she printed a picture off of the computer!"
Mom's interest did not improve. She just answered with a "mmm-hmm".
Chelsea rolled her eyes.
Just then, Alisha ran in with a big smile on her face.
"Why 'you smilin' ?" asked Chelsea.
" 'Cause." replied Alisha.
Chelsea just rolled her eyes again. Sometimes her family was bad on answering properly.
"I'm ready, Mom." said Alisha bouncing around the kitchen.
"Okay, dear." answered Mom as she started giving Alisha directions.
Chelsea wandered off into her bedroom. She wanted to see more of Alisha's drawings.
She opened Alisha's big chest at the end of her bed. It had flowers, hearts, and the word Alisha on it.
Chelsea dug around, making sure not to mess anything up. Alisha was very picky on where everything went.
At the bottom of the chest was a bunch of drawings.
Bingo, thought Chelsea.
Chelsea grabbed the pile of papers and shut the chest. Then, she sat on her bed and flipped through the drawings, one by one.
Chelsea was surprised at how good her sister was. She was also surprised that she never noticed it before.
Chelsea stopped flipping. This drawing really caught her eye...

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