Friday, October 11, 2013

Victoria Hope Talean (Part 6)

    "Is she going to be alright, Mom?" asked Victoria in the waiting room at the hospital.
"Tracy is going to be fine." said Mom.
"How many stitches does she need?" asked Kayla.
"A lot, that's all I know. When the glass hit her it cut deep into her skin and that's why she collapsed. It was probably really painful. That and some glass hit her legs." replied Mom.
"Is Jackie going to be alright too?" asked Torie.
"Yes. She only needs 4 stitches in her arms. She is not at all as bad as Tracy is." said Mom.
Makayla started to cry.
"It's all right, Kayla. Your sister is going to be perfectly alright." assured Mom.
"I'm just wondering what would have happened if she hadn't picked the glass mug. Maybe if she hadn't, we would still be at the store shopping." cried Kayla.
Torie starred at Kayla. She had never seen her cry before. If something like this would have happened in the past Victoria would be the one crying and Makayla would be the one starring.
"I know, honey. But God doesn't want us to always stay in the land of maybe all the time." said Mom.
"I know." said Kayla as she sniffed.
"There's nothing you can do know but pray." said Mom.
"Okay. I will." said Kayla.
"Good. The LORD will help with whatever problem you have."
"Mom, I'm going to go to the restroom." said Victoria.
"Okay. We'll be here." said Mom.
With that said, Torie got up and walked away. When she was safely in the bathroom she wept bitterly..


  The day after, the Talean family were all sitting at the table to eat lunch.
"Dear God,
Thank you for this food. Thank you that Tracy and Jackie weren't injured too bad and that they both only needed stitches. I want to ask you to help my sister Christina battle cancer and that she will be well or that Christina will die and live with you in heaven. Either way we will praise you for it. Lord, I also want to pray for all the missonaries in all the different countries and in our country who tell people about you. Please keep them safe. I pray all of this in Jesus' name,
                                      Amen." said Mom.
"Thank you, dear."said Dad.
Mom nodded.
The Taleans started to dig into their meal of chicken, green beans, and corn.
"Yummy! Thank you, Mom, for lunch." said Zachery.
"You're welcome." replied Mom.
The rest of the day was going by slowly. Mom said everybody could have alone time in the afternoon, so everybody went to their rooms.  Victoria read a book called,"Amy Carmichael" for 'alone time'. Amy Carmichael was a missionary in 1800s and 1900s. She was a missionary in India.
After that, the kids went outside and rode their bikes in the yard.
"Hey, Torie? I was wondering if you guys even went shopping yesterday or if Tracy just picked up that glass mug in the very beginning?" asked Justin when the two were alone.
"It was right in the beginning. Mom and Mrs. Rachel were just going over to the clothes section." replied Torie.
"Oh..." said Justin.
And that was the end of the conversation...

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