Friday, October 4, 2013

Character's Features

Victoria Hope Talean

Hair: Sandy Blonde    Length: Half-way to Elbows 
Eyes: Green     Has No Glasses
Height: 5' 2"    Favorite Color: Purple    Favorite Sport: Swimming
Nickname: Torie    Best Friend: Makayla TeKape

Justin Michael Talean

Hair: Red     Length: Short 
Eyes: Green   Has No Glasses
Height: 5'5"   Favorite Color: Green     Favorite Sport: Tennis
Nickname: N/A    Best Friend: Chris Melchine

Jaqueline Elaine Talean

Hair: Red   Length: Shoulder Length
Eyes: Green   Has No Glasses
Height: 4'10"    Favorite Color: Pink   Favorite Sport: Tennis
Nickname: Jackie     Best Friend: McKenzie Lovell

Zachery Dylan Talean

Hair: Sandy Blonde  Length: Short
Eyes: Blue    Has Glasses
Height: 4'8"  Favorite Color: Blue  Favorite Sport: Baseball
Nickname: Zach   Best Friend: Marcus Johnville

Judy-May Eve Talean (Mom)

Hair: Sandy Blonde   Length: Elbow-Length
Eyes: Blue  Has No Glasses
Height: 5'7"  Favorite Color: Red   Favorite Sport: Swimming
Nickname: J.M.    Best Friend: Rachel TeKape

Jeremiah Dakota Talean (Dad)

Hair: Red   Length: Short
Eyes: Green   Has No Glasses  
Height:6'1"    Favorite Color: Orange    Favorite Sport: Tennis
Nickname: Jere    Best Friend: Darrion Daress

Makayla Hayden TeKape

Hair: Dark, dark red    Length: Elbow-Length
Eyes: Brown     Has No Glasses
Height: 5'5"  Favorite Color: Forest Green     Favorite Sport: Basketball
Nickname: Kayla     Best Friend: Victoria Talean

Rachel Caroline TeKape

Hair: Brown    Length: Halfway to Elbows
Eyes: Green     Has No Glasses
Height: 5'8"   Favorite Color: Yellow    Favorite Sport: Swimming
Nickname: N/A    Best Friend: Jada Muca

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