Sunday, October 13, 2013

Babysitter: Chelsea Trust PART 2

Before Chelsea could look over the drawing, she heard the phone ring. It made her jump. All of the nine family members had a phone in their room. Of course only one phone per room, though. That way, when everybody heard the phone ring they could to see if it was for them or not. If it wasn't,  the wouldn't answer. If the phone wasn't answered on the third ring Mom or Dad would answer it.
Chelsea jumped out off the bed and quickly rushed to the phone. The caller I.D. said,"Lavite, Cole."
She quickly pressed the green button and said,"Hello?"
"Hi, can I talk to Chelsea?" asked the girl on the phone.
"You're talking to her. Hi, Hayden!" said Chelsea smiling.
"Oh, hi! You sound like your mom!" laughed Hayden.
"I don't know if that's a good thing!"joked Chelsea.
"Anyway, what's up?" asked Hayden Rose Lavite.
"Nothing new. Oh, besides finding out that my sister is a born-to-be drawer." stated Chelsea.
"Oh really? Which one?" asked Hayden.
"Alisha. I'm really surprised I never noticed it before."
"Alisha's the younger one right?"
Chelsea was used to this. Jada and Bridget were the only ones who knew every ones names and ages.
"Yeah..." said Chelsea.
"So what kind of stuff does she draw?"
"Amazing stuff! Like, I was just looking at a picture that was crazily detailed! It's a drawing of our whole family at the store. Mom and Dad are looking at furniture, Mason, James, Nathan, and Peyton were looking at D.V.D.s, and Skylar, Alisha, and I were looking at shoes. All in one picture! I mean-it looked like she took a picture and printed it off of the computer!" said Chelsea excitedly.
"That's really cool!"
"Isn't it? I wonder why I never noticed it before. Well, I guess that's what you get for not paying attention to my little sister..." said Chelsea sadly. It's amazing how much emotions you can go through in less than one minute.
"Don't blame yourself, Chel. You do have six other brothers and sisters." said Hayden.
"Hayden, I share a room with her. You think I would have seen something by now! It's been ten years!" argued Chelsea.
She heard Hayden sigh. Chelsea knew Hayden would never win this argument. After all, Hayden was a only child, so she knew nothing about brothers and sisters.
Finally, Hayden changed the subject.
"So... Did anyone call you about babysitting their little ones?" asked Hayden.
"As a matter of fact, someone has..."
"Who, when, why, and where?" asked Hayden eager to know.
"The Alquists, Thursday, at their house, and because they are going on a date." answered Chelsea how her older brother, James, does.
"Do you know how much they are paying you?" asked Hayden as she chuckled.
"No, I didn't ask."
"Well, good luck." said Hayden.
There was an awkward silence.
"Well, my mom says I need to go, so bye." said Hayden.
"Bye, Hayden. Remember to email me..." said Chelsea.
"Oh, one more thing..." said Hayden quickly.
"Do you know Josephina or Josey Lansky?" asked Hayden.
"Doesn't ring a bell. Why?"
"Well, she's a new girl at church and I was wondering if you ever talked to her."
"No, I have never heard that name before. How old is she?"
"Thirteen or Fourteen." answered Hayden.
"Ohhhh noooo! I don't associate with teens! That's Skylar's job!"
"Oh, okay... I'm going to talk to her next Sunday and tell her that you're nuts in the head!" teased Hayden.
"Hey!" shouted Chelsea.
Hayden laughed a evil laugh. "I've got to go. I'll remember to email you..."
"Okay." said Chelsea.
"Bye." said the friends in unison.
"Jinx!" said Chelsea.
She hung up and tucked Alisha's drawings back to where she found them.
Luckily, she got them in just before Alisha walked in the door.
"Hi, Lish! What's for dinner?"
"Quiet down! Mom thinks I'm in the bathroom. I need a rest and she wouldn't give me one." said Alisha.
"Ol' Mom give you too much to do?" asked Chelsea smiling.
"Yes! She wouldn't let me go a second without doing something. And she wonders why no one ever wants to help her prepare food!" complained Alisha.
Chelsea just nodded her head. Good old Mom!


  1. Every one thinks that I sound identical to my mom too!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Me too! That's why I put it in there!

  3. BTW how did you get fish food on your blog?

  4. it's too complicated to explain, i'd have to tell you in person.


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