Saturday, October 12, 2013

Babysitting, Books, and Awesomeness!

Hi awesome girls!! This is Guinea Pig Lover. I hope you have been reading my book Victoria Hope Talean! I'm sorry I only post a part every other week most of the time, but that is the only time I can do it. I hope you like my new book Babysitter: Chelsea Trust too! I don't really know what you all are into so I'll try to make the best of it... Any ideas on more blogs and what you are interested in? Just post a comment! I would love to here from you! Honestly!

Guess what! I got a babysitting job on Thursday this week! I am going to tell you all about it!
Here goes:
Okay, so if you have been on my blog already you have probably read my other babysitting post called,"Babysitting My Little Cuz". Well, if you haven't read it already do so now... Okay, so anyway, I babysat Maddex while his little brother Eli was having a physical therapy app. in the house sometime in June. Well, this time, I babysat Eli instead. And this time it was at my house. My whole family was home with me, but I was in charge of watching Eli. Well, let's just say that Eli loves his mommy- A LOT! When she left he cried for about ten minutes until I could find a way to distract him. Well, I found a way! Eli LOVES outside! He also LOVED me pushing him on this little tricycle too! In fact, when my back and neck hurt from bending over I stopped pushing him and took him off... He got back on!! Then he tried to push himself. How cute! So then I sucked up my back and neck pain and pushed him around some more... Then I had to call it quits. Good thing he was hungry! So we went inside and I gave him his lunch that my aunt packed for him- chicken noodle soup, green beans, and cheese cubes. He really liked the cheese... When his mom came back she gave me ten dollars just for watching him for two hours! That would only be four bucks for a different family! So that was my second babysitting experience and I hope to be having more...
                                                                     See ya,
                                                                 Guinea Pig Lover
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