Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pinterest Post #3 (Board Taken From:Teenager Posts)

 Hello guys! So I know some of you have been waiting for this, so here it is! I have 95 pins on this board, so I'm only going to post some of them that I think are really funny. Let's begin this long post, shall we?

I have a pet peeve of people looking through my phone. I have nothing to hide, but it's just awkward!There's other people that do this too when they win an argument, right?
I'm going to start doing this.Teenager Posts All. The. Time.Teenager Posts- exactly! Of course if I   actually did say that I would get in huge trouble!Teenager Posts. Haha! I totally do this!   Why is it I only feel like coughing up a lung during an   exam...?Teenager posts. Thanks, society.TEENAGER POST quotesItz happened before lol xDThank you!!!!!!that's how I get most of my daily excercise
This is how I get my daily exercise!


Every. Single. One. Of these.
so relatable
Love the lightsaber!
Teenager Posts
So me!
That is so me!
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Every Teenagers - Relatable Teenage Quotes
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i hate when this happens! lol
Funny Teenager Posts | cool, funny, fbi, teenager post
Teenager Posts

YUP I do this all the time
Seriously! I thought I was the only one!
teenager post | love this # teenager # post # sarcasm 1

I'll eat ice cream in the winter even after I complained to my parents that I was cold like 5min. earlier.

Teenager Posts | via Tumblr
Haha, that's me SO often at school. People are crazy! ;)
<3 this one a lot!

I think of this every time I see a chip bag!
Teenager Posts

Internet always wins.
Teenager Posts
No, no you are not....
Teenager Post
Teenager Posts
Teenager Posts
I am not even kidding on this one. It is literally like this!
Teenager Posts

Teenager Posts
Teenager posts
I literally have yellow teeth because of this.
Haha yes I admit it
Basically Augustus Waters, Tris Prior, and Primrose Everdeen
Teenager Posts

So true!
I always think this...

Happens all the time!
Sometimes I wonder if that is why people find me annoying...
I can relate to most of these. :D

hahaha yep
So Relatable - Funny GIFs, Relatable GIFs & Quotes
Ugh, so true.
LOL! Yes!

So do you like them? Did any of them make you actually LOL? Comment below your favorites!

Loving Him more everyday...


  1. Replies
    1. LOL! I pinned like 50 Teenager Posts on Pinterest right after I published this post! So if you want to see my boards on Pinterest, my username is kijjypopcorn. That's the URL to my account. My board is called Teenager Posts. I also have a board called Funny Stuff that you might like. :D

  2. The one that says A,B,C, or D. Well, I haven't done B in like 4 questions so I'll do B. It's a habit. In my mind I'm like who cares if I haven't picked it in a long time. All of them are funny!

    1. LOL! Yep, and all of them are true about me!


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