Friday, November 7, 2014

Your His Property - He Can Take You Back

 Are you scared of dying? When the time comes, will you be willing to let Him take you? 

 Today I came home from school and found my mom taking off her shoes-not unusual-and going with the phone to her bedroom. She shut the door after telling me to watch my little siblings, and didn't come out for about 20 minutes. I thought that she was on the phone talking to one of her friends-but she wasn't. When she came out, I was a little mad at her. She hadn't really talked to me since I came home, and I wanted to tell her about my day at school. Plus, I was leaving to go to my dad's for the weekend and I wouldn't see her. I wanted to say goodbye to her. I muttered, "It's like your talking to everybody but me." 
 If she heard it, she didn't let on. She was too busy getting my brother ready to leave to watch a high school football game. She kept talking about something with my grandpa that I didn't understand. Something about insurance and such. I knew something was wrong. Finally, she just turned to me and said, "I was in a car accident today." 
 I heard a pounding in my ears and thought, No way. Nothing exciting ever happens in this family. 
 But she was dead serious. I could feel the tears coming to my eyes as realization hit. She could have died. My sisters could have died. I tried to hold back the tears-I didn't want to cry in front of my family. I looked at the floor and said, "What happened?"
 "We were driving and we got in an accident." 
 "Is the van broken?"
 "The back door is a little dented." she said. 

 That got me thinking on the ride(1 hour ride) to my dad's. As I thought of how she might have been taken away from me, I felt the tears threatening to escape. But what if she had been taken? I asked myself over and over again. I felt nauseated because, after all, we were in a car-and it was snowing. All of a sudden, I developed a sudden fear of cars. It isn't just one of those fears where it just lasts for a little bit-I think it is one of my true fears now. 
     My point is that life can be gone just like that-in seconds. Live your life to the fullest, stop arguing and enjoy it! It is truly a gift from God. He created us, and He may want us to come back and stay with Him. We are His property, and He may want us back. Sure, there might be a little pain in the beginning, but rejoice! 

     I want to tell somebody-my dad, my friends, about what happened, but I know that I'll cry, so I want to wait a little bit. Don't tell me "Sorry" in the comments, because really, it's not your fault, and there is nothing to be sorry about. Even if she had died, if my sisters had, I don't ever want to see anyone type, "Sorry". Because you shouldn't be sorry, you should be happy and saying "Yay!" Nobody ever really knows what to say when you say sorry anyway...;)

Loving Him more everyday...


  1. That would scare me half to death, almost having my mom die. But remember all the times you were in cars and they didn't crash. ;) I love this post. God can take you anytime, I agree. ;)

    PS- Yay! :)

    1. Thanks for reading it and commenting! LOL! Yay!


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