Sunday, November 2, 2014

To Be a Christian...

People are always complaining about being too young or too old to do this or to do that, but it is a privilege. It is a privilege to be as old as you are. Nobody cares if you're ten and you're reading this! It is still a privilege to be as old as you are! You are lucky-no, not luck. You are privileged to be the age you are. What is the whole point I'm trying to tell you?
 Look at Iraq. Look at Syria. Christians-no matter how old-are getting persecuted daily. About 180 people get persecuted each month because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Now do you get my point? Everyday, people die to be a Christian, because they know it's the real deal. They know that Jesus is the savior of the world! Do you?
 What is your idea of the word rebel? What was the first thing that came into your mind? I bet you 50 bucks that it wasn't a person, sitting at a kitchen table reading the bible. I'm a rich girl. Starting to feel guilty because of this post? Don't lie, I know you are. But it's true. That's a rebel in those countries. Somebody who is reading a bible in those countries are rebels. And those rebels are put behind bars or they are facing a blade.
 Imagine what they must think about us. We go to church freely, read the bible freely, and pray out in the open without any fear. While they are risking their lives and their family, we are sitting at a fast food place saying to ourselves, "Oops, forgot to pray before I ate." as we just keep eating! Or neglecting our bibles because we're "too busy" or "it's boring" while they die for just wanting 1 glance at the words.
 You are probably thinking, "Why would God let that happen to His followers?" Well, I can think of two reasons. What would you do if you were in those situations? I would either flee or tell more people about Christ before "The End".
 Flee: Go to different countries that are free and tell testimonies.
 Worship: Tell people more about Jesus.
 See: People would see you and wonder, "Why die for something that isn't true?" Because it is true people! Why don't you see that around you?!
 Please remember this when somebody at school is bullying you because of your faith. Please pray for the persecuted everyday. That is to be a Christian.

Loving Him more everyday...


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