Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Taking a Bath-Yuck! (An Oreo & Squeaker Post)

Squeaker=orange text
Oreo=blue text
Guinea Pig Lover=red text
 Hey guys! Here is another Oreo and Squeaker post! (By the way, the guineas were the ones to type the title.)


Nuh uh!

*rolls eyes* Yeah huh. But anyway, this is a post were they take baths. I probably gave them baths in the beginning of November, but I never had time to upload the pictures off my camera, so...But now, here we go! I didn't actually get pictures of them in the water, but I did get them after they got their bathes.

I really hate baths!

Why do you think we struggle against you?! 

Here's the darling Squeaks! Although he kind of looks like he's grimacing, doesn't he?

That's because I am! 

Another picture of Squeaker. That is not my finger, that is my brother's. He helped me bath them, because quite frankly, I need help trying to keep them from jumping out of the sink. EVEN THOUGH I DON'T KNOW WHY THEY HATE BATHS SO MUCH!!!!!

Because you squeeze us to death! And you think the water is warm, but really, it's freezing!

Oreo's right about that!

There's a picture without a finger in it. :D

There is Oreo. Can't have Squeaker hogging all the spotlight, can we?

I don't see anything wrong with it.

Of course you don't! You grew up with it, so you are immune. But it no longer happens when you are under MY CAGE!

Guys, stop fighting. Squeaker, get your body off of Oreo's back! Okay, sorry. I had something to do. :/ By the way, try not to look towards the bottom right of the picture up there. There are some unnecessary-uh, additions to the photo. 

*cackles* That's right, Oreo. 

*gives a deadly glare at Squeaker*

Oh brother...

Speaking of brothers, this time it is my hand in the picture. :)

That's also my hand. The hand holding the blow-dryer is my brother's. You can see him kneeling on the bathroom counter. 

Ooh, do I look charming. :)

*rolls eyes*

*rolls eyes*

Well, I'm not lying!

That was the last of the pictures. Say bye guys!

Hasta la vista!


Bye girls!


  1. LOVE these posts! Thanks for this! :) LOL love that 5th picture. ;)


  2. You mean the one with Oreo and his *cough cough* additions? LOL!


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