Thursday, November 27, 2014

Some Pictures I'm Proud Of!

 Hello guys! So right now I am going to show you a couple pictures that I took that I am really proud of. I have a couple more than I am showing you, but they show faces, so I can't post them. All of these pictures are obviously mine, so no stealing them. You have to ask if you want to use any of them. Now I am not putting them in any particular order. But the one with the flames I like the best. :) Like I said, I took all of these.

 This one is my favorite out of all of them. :) I just zoomed in a lot when we had a bonfire and voila!
I like this one because Squeaker looks so cute!
This is my little sister. I didn't even tell her to pose! I just said I was going to take her picture and she did that! How adorable!

This is a close-up of the plant in our frog pond. :)
This is my other sister on our rope. From the angle, it looks like she is really high up, but in real life, she is only like a foot off the ground. 
Same sister as the picture before this. (I told her to pose her feet like that)
This is a picture of my brother outside(obviously). I like this one because it looks professional. :D
I took this one at my piano teacher's house. LOL! I like taking close-ups of plants apparently!
Yes, this is my picture! I used a special setting on my camera to make it look cool like that. You like-y?
This is my little sister. She decided that she wanted to wear my shirt as a dress, so that is why it's all weird. I got her in this pose quick. She was naturally like that-to be honest, I don't even think she knew I took this!
Another edit on my camera! This is actually a book cover! Um, I don't remember the author! But it was in a book series and it was a christian book series. 
And last, but definitely not least, the crayons. I took this picture to make sure my camera was working properly, but it turned out good! Don't judge our box o' crayons! They aren't in the best of shape. LOL! 
  So I hope you liked those pictures! Comment below and tell me which ones you liked!

Loving Him more everyday...


  1. Great pictures! There looked professional! I love the picture of the crayons. I would have never thought of it. Very unique but very pretty!


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